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I'm just an 18 year old kid living life for everything it's worth, and living each day for it's own. Everybody's life has it's ups and downs, but for me, writing is my escape from the realities I sometimes hate to face. I truly am blessed, to say the least, and I'm so thankful for every part of my life. Thanks for supporting me on my journey !

Friday, June 17, 2011

Website is Live!

Website BETA is live! Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Almost good to go!

Just working out some final details and kinks, and then we're good to go live! I'm really excited to share this with you guys... I've got some exciting news and announcements following the launch!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Website Development Day #... ?

The days just seem to blend together. I'm not sure whether or not its the fact that life has been going a million miles an hour lately or not, but I can't even remember when I started this project. I'm starting to get excited as I'm seeing the pieces slowly fit together. It's been such a long and in depth process, but I'm really glad I've stuck with it. I've learned so much, and it's really made me appreciate my work, and the work of others. If I lost everything right now and had the choice to start over, or ditch it all together, would I start over? Probably not. ;)

Go Vancouver! (Watching the Stanley Cup Finals, and it's not looking so hot for the Canucks)

Monday, January 31, 2011

My Bucket List

Did you ever see the movie "The Bucket List?" It's about these two guys who are both diagnosed with a terminally ill sickness. They both come from opposite sides of life; one has an excellent family life, but isn't the wealthiest guy in the world, and the other is extremely rich, but has no family life and a terrible social life. They decide that they are going to make a list of outrageous things to do before they die.
  It seems every day something new comes out based on this philosophy of living each day like it's your last. MTV's the Buried Life also toys around with the idea of doing crazy things before you die. A lot of people have began to write bucket lists since this new phenomenon, and I've been working at mine for a few months now. Every day it seems to grow by at least a point or two, though!

Jordan's Bucket List (So Far):

  1. Work as hard as I can to finish as much on this list as I can √
  2. Paraglide* ×
  3. Do a 20+ foot kiteboard jump ×
  4. Scare a fainting goat ×
  5. Get my skydiving certificate ×
  6. Travel to at least 30 different countries ×
  7. Visit the Sahara desert ×
  8. Box a kangaroo ×
  9. Get 8 pack jacked* ×
  10. Walk through Time's square in pajamas ×
  11. Spearfish ×
  12. Celebrate New Years' twice in ''one day'' through time zone changes ;) ×
  13. Visit Sealand ×
  14. Snowkite up a mountain ×
  15. Go Coloradoing 30+ feet ×
  16. Swim with / feed sharks ×
  17. Win an MMA fight ×
  18. Make someone so happy they can't help but hug me ×
  19. Bait a Great White ×
  20. Make an invention that sells ×
  21. Show someone love who desperately needs it ×
  22. Go gnoming across Canada ×
  23. Chill with Dana White for a day ×
  24. Climb the Great Wall of China's stairs* ×
  25. Save a life (spur of the moment hehe) ×
  26. Give something special up to benefit someone else ×
  27. Move somewhere warm ×
  28. Step out of my comfort zone and meet someone new ×
  29. Finish a Baja race ×
  30. Parkour in France ×
  31. Shake hands with a gorilla* ×
  32. Base jump off of a crane ×
  33. Show a Lambo who's boss on the Autobahn ×
  34. Catch a seagull (with Brooke F's help!) ×
  35. Ride an ostrich ×
  36. Find my true calling ×
  37. Learn how to do the worm √
  38. Reunite with my bro Dylan ×
  39. Ride in a hot air balloon ×
  40. Take an amazing fluke picture or video ×
  41. See my bank account hit 7 digits ×
  42. Visit the River of Jordan* ×
  43. Make a parrot say my name ×
  44. Fence fly in St. Maarten ×
  45. Climb Everest ×
  46. Hug a stranger ×
  47. Run and finish the New York marathon ×
  48. Experience something once in a lifetime ×
  49. Witness a NASA space shuttle launch √
  50. Go two consecutive months without facebook √
  51. Wakeboard behind a car ×
  52. Speed ride down a mountain ×
  53. Float in Lake Assal (one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world) ×
  54. Be a contestant on a game show ×
  55. Camp for a week in the Outback* ×
  56. Visit Jerusalem ×
  57. Take a picture of myself in front of an IKEA in Sweden ×
  58. Get some air on a Segway ;) ×
  59. Shower in a waterfall* ×
  60. Surf in Hawaii ×
  61. Ride a camel in Egypt's desert ×
  62. Travel to: Laos ×
  63. Travel to: India ×
  64. Travel to: Nepal ×
  65. Travel to: Japan ×
  66. See a volcano erupt ×
  67. Stick with p90x for the whole 90 days* ×
  68. Retire by 50 ×
  69. Go on an ATV excursion through the Gobi Desert * ×
  70. Work with a nonprofit organization in Africa ×
  71. Tranquilize a polar bear and take a picture with it ×
  72. Fish in a secluded place ×
  73. Take a helicopter ride over the grand canyon ×
  74. Cliff jump ×
  75. Break a Guinness record ×
  76. Allow myself to make mistakes without overreacting ×
  77. Receive knighthood from the Queen (A little far fetched.. maybe?) ×
  78. Build a home with Habitat for Humanity ×
  79. Buy a private jet ×
  80. Take a walk in someone else's shoes... Not literally.* × 
  81. Build a house on an island ×
  82. Visit Turtle Island in Fiji ×
  83. Ride on a train for 3 days straight ×
  84. Find the love of my life ×
  85. Get married ×
  86. Have a child ×
  87. Make someone's day ×
  88. Visit the Bohol Chocolate Hills in the Philippines* ×
  89. Visit the 7 Wonders of the World ×
  90. Visit the Tanon Straight ×
  91. Swim in a geothermal spa in Iceland* ×
  92. Complete a dogsled race ×
  93. Spectate an olympic event first hand ×
  94. Go to Times Square for New Years ×
  95. Live debt free (not sure that's possible with this list) ×
  96. Go to an MMA or UFC fight in Vegas* ×
  97. Take a picture with 5 strangers... In Alaska ×
  98. See the northern lights* ×
  99. Attend one of Falon's shows ×
  100. Put someone in their place ×
  101. Eat cow tongue √
  102. Throw a message in a bottle into the Atlantic ocean and see if someone finds it* ×
  103. Do something stupid ×
  104. Kiteboard in Anguilla ×
  105. Hide a Loonie in a foreign country, then go back five years later and see if it's still there ×
  106. Live to be 90 ×
  107. Die happy* ×

More to come....

* = top priorities
 "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.” - James Dean